Ski Planning - looking ahead or last minute?

The snow has now arrived in abundance in the Alps and the season is offering some superb conditions to all who visit. Word is that the sun is also back so there are some rather lovely Spring Skiing conditions to enjoy - in January - whatever next! Knowing when the white stuff will arrive seems to have kept everyone on their toes a little more over the last couple of years. Perhaps it is the winter equivalent of remembering every summer holiday as wall to wall sunshine - the reality of the here and now is sometimes a little different! But has this affected when you plan your ski trips?

I am a definite forward planner. Dates in the diary and full steam ahead as early as possible keeps me happy! With this in mind I am already working on a ski trip for my 2017 season. If you are like minded you may be interested to know that a number of chalet companies have already released their 2016-2017 availability and are taking bookings. Christmas Day and New Year's Day fall on a Sunday in 2016 so there are various options as to how to avoid travelling when you should be celebrating. Some companies are offering a nine night stay whilst others have shifted their weeks to arrive mid-week for the festivities. Come January they return to a standard weekend to weekend and if your dates are set already you should be able to snap up a good deal. Whilst the early snow cannot be guaranteed, there are advantages to booking early and some great prices to reflect the 'will there won't there' snow record.

Many other people sit in the last minute camp - and this has its own benefits. Should you be able to drop everything and go by the end of this week then there are some great deals to be had. Even now there are some superb properties available for half term week, which have been well discounted. The problem here is that the flights prices tend to rocket, thus cancelling out the accommodation deal, but if you have the flexibility to drive then you can be quids in and living the life of luxury for a week for a fraction of the advertised price!

Food for thought in both camps. Should you be interested in a little assistance with your ski planning - whenever you may fancy travelling then do please get in touch - I'd be happy to help.