It is never too early to think about next season!

If you have just returned from your annual visit to the mountains you may think me slightly over eager to suggest putting some thought into next year's trip already. It is a whole 12 months away after all! However‚ we somehow find ourselves at the end of February and I'm not sure about you‚ but it feels like deepest‚ darkest January was just a blink ago! The year will no doubt fly by.

St Anton - View from Tyrol.jpg

So what are the benefits of booking this far out:

  • Get the perfect accommodation for your requirements – at this stage there is still plenty of choice in the properties available․ Whether you are looking for a hotel or chalet the peak weeks will likely still have some availability so particularly if you know exactly what you want‚ why wait? If your dates are set in stone there is no harm in looking․

  • Early booking discounts – some operators and accommodations will hold their current season prices until the end of this season‚ or offer an early booking discount to anyone ready to pay a deposit to confirm their holiday at this time․

  • Spread the cost – if you pay a deposit now you have time to budget for the rest of the trip․ Generally the final balance will be due 8-10 weeks prior to departure so that gives you a good 9 months to save up!



  • Early flight bookings – scheduled airlines release their seats around 11 months in advance (varies per airline) so if you have your accommodation sorted you can be ready to get the best flight prices on their release․ Or book the flights and then have the pick of accommodation for your dates. Low-cost airlines tend to release some seats in the summer so if you have your accommodation secured you are ready to click and confirm at the best rate․



  • Have something to look forward to! As far as I am concerned there is nothing like having a holiday in the diary to keep the spirits high!

So what are you waiting for? Now you just need to decide where you are going to go․ If your holiday this year was amazing do you re-book and return in the hope that you replicate all that was? Or are you of the mind that there are so many places in the world to visit that you will try somewhere new? If your holiday didn't live up to the expectation then you have time to find somewhere more suitable․ Whatever your situation‚ why not use my accommodation finder service․ There is no charge and I will suggest a number of options to suit your requirements․ Here is what some of this year's clients have had to say:

'We are having a fab time‚ the slopes are empty. We'd recommend this resort․ Thanks for sorting a fab holiday' – Feb 2018

'It was an excellent holiday thanks․ I'd certainly recommend the accommodation․ Thanks for all your help' – Jan 2018

'We had a brilliant holiday․ The accommodation and service was excellent․ Thanks again for getting us started for this trip – very grateful for that․' Jan 2018

We all have different tactics when booking our holidays‚ so if you do prefer to leave it to the last minute to book (there are a whole different set of advantages!) then there is plenty of time left for this season and the conditions are the best we've seen in 40 years!