Just Seven Months to Christmas!!


With just seven months to go until Christmas Day you may think me quite mad to bring up the festive season! However if there is an opportunity for you to consider a White Christmas in the Alps then now is a great time to get planning.

Have you ever even considered having Christmas away from home? Here are my top tips:

  • The benefits mean you can ski all day, enjoy yourself and relax whilst someone else cooks your Christmas Dinner and does the washing up!

  • Talk to the family about it sooner rather than later so everyone can get their plans in place (whether you are suggesting they join your or not!)

  • As far as school holidays go‚ Christmas is one of the more reasonably priced weeks to spend in the mountains and you can generally take a week with a maximum of three days out of the office.

  • The days are short in December so plan a mix of skiing and relaxing. Choose your accommodation wisely to allow you to do this. Who knows you could even come home a little refreshed!

  • Last Christmas the snow conditions were awesome and guests lucked out but the three prior to that were not great. If you go with low expectations they can only be exceeded. Even (or should I say especially) when the conditions haven't been great the resorts will do everything in their power to ensure guests get to ski and enjoy their holidays. And have you seen that some resorts are now snow farming to ensure decent conditions at the beginning of next season!

  • Each resort has it's own agenda but all will have a selection of traditional and more modern festivities to make your stay special.

  • Think of the money you will save on the excessive food/drink/presents you buy at home for just one day.

  • This one comes with a huge fingers crossed but imagine waking up on Christmas morning to that elusive Winter Wonderland.

  • December flights are now available across all airlines so benefit from the best prices and availability by booking your journey now.

  • If you are hoping to declutter your house/life then a Christmas ski holiday is a great way to turn presents into experiences and reduce the 'stuff' pile.

  • Avoid the overstuffed Christmas feeling by getting out on the hill and exercising each day.

For me Christmas in the mountains with my loved ones is one of the best presents I could get – how about you?